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Posted by on Oct 2, 2009 in dinners | 1 comment

Available at the store for Thanksgiving

Available at the store for Thanksgiving

For those who would like a helping hand for Thanksgiving I am happy to offer the following items. Please call or email your orders by Thursday Oct 8th. Items will be ready for pick up Saturday between 11am – 7pm and Sunday 10am – 12pm.

Items Available

Garlic mashed potatoes $1.50/person
Maple chili roasted root veggies $2.00/person
Potato and fennel gratin $2.00/person
Individual stuffing, no meat $1.50/each
Individual stuffing, meat $2.00/each
Gravy 16oz $4.95/each
Gravy 32 oz $8.95/each
Cranberry sauce 16oz $6.95/each
Individual 4″ pumpkin pies $3.95/each or 4/$12.95
Individual 4″ choc/pecan pies $3.95/each or 4/$12.95


1 Comment

  1. Gosh….this is sooooo tempting Tracy. I do live out in the burbs….major out! Grin. But what I wouldn’t do to have a Thanksgiving meal some day prepared by someone else….and so professionally. That menu looks so good….chocolate pecan pie? I am sold. I am sure you will be busy this week….getting ready for all the big parties and events….have a great week ahead!