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Bar Tip: Setting Up the Bar

Bar Tip: Setting Up the Bar

Basic tools:

  • Bottle opener and corkscrew
  • Ice bucket and tongs
  • Jigger marked with ounce levels
  • Martini Shaker
  • Four Prong strainer
  • Paring knife and cutting board
  • Long handle cocktail spoon


  • Hard liquors: gin, vodka, scotch and rum (light)
  • Wine and beer
  • Vermouth (sweet and dry)
  • Mixers and Soft Drinks


  • Old fashioned glasses (8-10oz)
  • Highball glasses (8-10oz)
  • Martini glasses (4-6oz)
  • Champagne Flute (5-8oz)
  • Wineglasses (10-14oz)

Note: the amount of glassware required is 2-3 glasses per person and plan for 3-4 drinks per person in liquor supply depending on the time of the day and location.

Food Tip: Number of Hors d’oeuvres for your event

Afternoon cocktail party: 2-4 hours
Hors d’oeuvre per guest: 7-14

Pre-dinner hors d’oeuvre: 1-2 hours
Hors d’oeuvre per guest: 4-8

Hors d’oeuvre in lieu of dinner: 4-6 hours
Hors d’oeuvre per guest: 15-20

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